Tuesday, 30 April 2013

For brides with natural hair

For brides with natural hair, it is sometimes challenging to decide how to style your hair for your wedding day. While browsing, we found a few bridal hairstyles that we think may inspire you.

These natural hair bridal pictures are from Munaluchi Bride Magazine - a bridal magazine that provides inspiration for women of color. Their print publication is released twice a year, and they provide updates on their website in between issues.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Essential tools for event planning

Essential tools for event planning... Whether you are a seasoned event planner or a bride planning her wedding, it is essential to know what tools you have available to you. There are tons of tools available to make the event planning process easier, and we will be featuring one of our favorites today - the 3D Event and Space Design Application by EVENTS clique.

3D Event designer allows you to design an event space in 2D or 3D by dragging and

Thursday, 25 April 2013

We absolutely love weddings!!!

Planning and designing weddings is quite a bit of work - but very well worth it if an event turns out the way you envisioned it.... as we like to say, "its all in the details..."
Event Decor by Christine's Creatives Nigeria Limited

Time management and vendor management are two key factors that can make the difference between a well planned event, and a not so well planned event. Which means, if you are going to be using the services of an event planner, you may want to ensure you check their references first - These days it is easy to get a sense of what kind of vendor you are hiring by checking them out on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter

Monday, 22 April 2013

Shoes, shoes, shoes... Fluevogs, Allen Edmonds, Camper, Vivienne Westwood

Shoes, shoes, shoes... Fluevogs, Allen Edmonds, Camper, Vivienne Westwood, Florsheim, Charlotte Olympia... The words that come to mind when you mention these designers are uniqueness, class, style, distinction and above all... comfort.

Picking shoes for your wedding day, is typically med-high on your list of to-do's, and there are number of things to consider when selecting them: 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

First Impressions... closing the deal - or maybe not.

Flowers at office receptions or waiting areas
create an inviting environment for potential clients

"How you come across to others is too important to be left to chance. - Phil Geldart"

When a client walks through the doors of your office, what do you think their first impression is? Do they walk into an unkempt yard or an uninviting office? Or has your organization mastered the art of managing your clients experiences from end to end?

If your goal is to close the deal, then you may want to ensure that your client's experience from the first time they come in contact with your organization, up until the time they make their decision, is very well managed - by you.

Interestingly enough, it is the little things that will differentiate you from your competition. You and the competition may have the same products, but the way you treat a potential customer may be the deal-maker or deal-breaker. 

Here are 3 quick tips you may want to consider:
  • Sound professional when you (or the receptionist) pick(s) up a phone call. This is usually the first opportunity the customer has to make an opinion about your organization. When the phone is picked up, ensure that there is no distracting background noise, and that there is a quick salutation, introduction and offer to help. This assures the caller that you are engaged in the conversation and willing to provide answers/solutions to their inquiries/problems. 
  • Ensure your organization's office space is clean and very well manicured. Make the environment as inviting as possible. Consider simple things such as, ensuring there is hand soap/hand towels in the washrooms, offering cookies and drinks in the waiting area, putting fresh or silk flower arrangements in the waiting area and providing complimentary magazines for your guests to read while waiting. 
  • Present your products to the client - with Confidence. In short, this is your opportunity to shine. You need to let the client know that you understand the problem and that you have a solution. If you are having a face to face discussion with the client, ensure you are sitting or standing up straight (no slouching) and maintain eye contact. If you are asked a question you do not know the answer to, be honest about it and assure the client that you will get back to him/her within a specified timeframe - make sure it is a realistic timeframe so that you can keep your promise. At the end of the meeting make sure you re-iterate your understanding of the clients need and your ability to meet that need. 
  • Then Close the Deal. Ask the client how soon they need your services, and advice him/her of your availability. If you were unable to close the deal at the meeting, ask how soon they intend to make a decision and then follow up within the timeframe they specified. Make sure you request their contact information and send a note of thanks after the meeting. 

As we all know, closing the deal has a lot to do with 'how you package the product'. However, closing the next deal with the same customer is about 'how you delivered on the original deal'.

Wedding flowers...It's all in the details

Most brides dream of planning a unique wedding that tells a story...afterall it is her fairytale wedding to her prince charming. 

This year, weddings are trending more towards English Garden / Vintage Chic themes. Brides are paying a lot more attention to their event decor details - especially when it comes to the wedding flowers. Brides are thinking of creative ways to make their floral decor stand out, while staying within their budget. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creativity at work!

Creating a Floral gift arrangement and
Elegant tall centerpieces for a wedding

Our owner and CEO, Mrs. Y.A. Oluwole doing what she loves doing: designing and creating beautiful centerpieces.  She is such a hands-on boss - we learn from her everyday.  #thebestbossever!          

Creating Exquisite floor floral arrangements

One of our top florists and designers creating exquisite floral arrangements on site. #creativityatwork

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