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What type of bouquet should a bride carry?

Bouquets by Christine's Creatives Nigeria Limited
Most brides around the world choose to carry a bouquet on their wedding day. Brides typically select the style and size of their bouquet based on how elaborate or simple the wedding dress is going to be. For example, cascade styled bouquets are typically paired with wedding gowns that have a long train, while nosegay bouquets are typically matched with simple styled wedding dresses. The fan bouquet has also made a comeback and has been spotted at quite a few weddings this year. An excellent
Bouquets by Christine's Creatives Nigeria Limited
rule of thumb is to match your bouquet to your body frame - You want to ensure your wedding bouquet does not overpower your body frame as you walk down the aisle.

Here are some of the more popular bouquet types:

Cascade:The cascade bouquet is also known as the shower bouquet and is one of the more formal bouquet styles. It is rounded at the top and narrows as it gets to the bottom. Because of the style of the bouquet, it cascades elegantly over the brides hands as she holds it. The smaller style of this bouquet is known as the teardrop.

Arm Sheaf:The arm sheaf bouquet is made from long stemmed flowers that the bride gently cradles in her inner arm as she walks down the aisle. This style of bouquet is modern and chic, and is a stunning alternative to a formal styled bouquet. 

Pomander or Flower ball: The pomander or flower ball is a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. It is usually carried by flower girls or young attendants at a wedding.

Wristlet or Corsage:The wristlet is also known as a wrist bouquet or a corsage. It is a small flower bouquet that is worn on the wrist. It is a nice alternative to carrying a regular bouquet for brides and maid of honors who want their hands unencumbered.  

Clutch Bouquet: This is a loose hand tied bouquet that is casual and is suited to an outdoor themed wedding. The stems of the flowers are usually left long, and the flowers are usually tied together using a ribbon or other decorative wedding themed fabric.

Bouquets are such an important part of a wedding. So we encourage brides to try to infuse some of their personality into the bouquet. A piece of traditional fabric can be used instead of regular ribbons, or a special piece of jewelry can be incorporated as part of the bouquet. 

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