Hi there! I'm Funso Oluwole; website developer, blogger, certified wedding planner (Wedding Planning Institute of Canada), event decorator, Director at Christine's Creatives Nigeria Limited, digital marketer, internal auditor, lover of music & all things beautiful, and future venture capitalist... I am pretty sure this list will evolve as time goes by.

That's me in the vine above (with Miss Omiks on audio being her cheeky self :))

This blog was born out of the desire to provide Nigerian brides with a resource to help them through the wedding planning process. It also serves as a business tool for Christine's Creatives Nigeria Limited (www.christinescreatives.com) to reach out to prospective brides, grooms and all lovers of beautiful events by providing event planning related hints/tips in a laid back format. 

Christine's Creative Nigeria Limited (formerly Rareflowers Nigeria Limited) re-branded in 2013 in response to changes in the market by, integrating the products and services provided at the local level to social and mobile platforms. The expectation is that the product and service offerings will continue to evolve as the market changes.

I look forward to providing engaging and useful content on this blog, and encourage you to provide feedback so that the blog content can be focused to meet your needs - as best possible.


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